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VW GOLF GLI cabriolet

"Sun, Moon and Cabriolet"

1992 VW Golf Cabriolet GLI

Owning a 1992 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet  is not just about having a convertible; it’s about embracing a piece of automotive history that combines sportiness, style, and the pleasure of open-top driving.

The Golf Cabriolet GLI MK1 was produced in limited numbers, adding to its exclusivity and desirability among enthusiasts.

Discover more of the Preservation Journey of this unique beauty.








A convertible version of the Golf was presented to Volkswagen’s management by coachbuilder Wilhelm Karmann as early as 1976. This early prototype lacked the roll-over bar of the later version, and had a flat body line in the rear, where the soft top folded down below the sill level.[55]

The production version of the convertible Golf was designated Type 155. In Europe, it was called the Golf Cabriolet, while in the United States and Canada it was sold as the Rabbit Convertible up through the 1984 model year. As the Rabbit was replaced by the Golf II in the United States and Canada, the Mark 1 Cabriolet was renamed simply “Volkswagen Cabriolet” (without either the Golf or Rabbit nameplate); beginning in 1988, the Canadian models were badged as Golf Cabriolet. Golf I Cabriolet production lasted from 1979 to April 1993. It had a reinforced body, a transverse roll-over bar, and a high level of trim. From stamping to final assembly, the Mk1 Cabriolet was built entirely at the Karmann factory. Volkswagen supplied engines, suspension, and interior trim for Karmann to install. The tops, of vinyl or cloth, were heavily insulated, with a heated glass rear window. The top was raised and lowered manually until 1991, when an electric option was offered.




The body of the Cabriolet did not change through the entire production run except for a larger fuel tank. It kept the pre-1980 Golf style of rear lamp lenses. A full-size spare tire was fitted from 1979-1984; a space-saver spare tire was fitted from mid-year 1984 onward, coinciding with the installation of a larger fuel tank. All Cabriolets from 1988 onward left the factory fitted with a “Clipper” body kit that featured smooth body-coloured bumpers, wheel-arch extensions, and side skirts.

Prior to the 1984 model year, the highest standard specification in Europe for the Cabriolet was the GLI, which was essentially a GTI in all but name. It was only in late 1983, with the introduction of the 1984 models, that an officially badged GTI version of the Cabriolet finally became available in the UK (the GLI continued in mainland Europe).


-This 1992 VW Golf GLI cabriolet is 100% original, with 54183 real millas.
-Generation : MK1  
Origin : GERMANY
-Engine type – Number of cylinders : Incline 4
-Maximum power – Output – Horsepower : 97 HP / 98 PS / 72 KW
-Maximun torque: 105 lb-ft / 143 Nm
-Drive wheels – Traction – Drivetrain: FWD
-Transmission Gearbox – Number of speeds : 5 speed manual
-Obsessive maintenance from the first day of use.
-All replaced mechanical and aesthetic elements are original VW.




Maintenance performed by Squadra Lupo:

 –  Fuel tank change 
–   Low pressure fuel pump replacement
–   High pressure fuel pump change 
–   Change of distribution kit                           
–   Oil change, oil, air and fuel filter 
–   Replacement of front brake discs             
–   Change of front brake pad                          
–   Correction of paint and ceramics.
–  New windshield wiper blades
–  Electric radio antenna
–  Fixing rear seats
–  Brake fluid change
–  General electrical system review
–  Change four tires


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