About Us


At Squadra Lupo Import we are a team pursuing perfection when dealing with cars. In addition to knowing their genesis and respecting their history, designs, and engineering, we regard our youngtimers as invaluable pieces of art. We only accept the highest standards for the treatment they deserve.

From the moment we buy the cars, through the processes of transport, storage, preservation and maintenance service, Squadra Lupo Import focuses on a single objective: that each of our vehicles take over the best roads and tracks.

We make sure they are treated in the finest manner. Our aim is to preserve their original beauty in these exclusive models filled with history. By driving one of our youngtimers, you will relive the driving experience of the 80s and 90s.

About Us
about us


Squadra Lupo Import is a special part of the Squadra Lupo family, all about loving and caring for top-notch classic cars we call ‘youngtimers’.

Along with our buddies, Squadra Lupo Yachts and Squadra Lupo Sport Plus, we’re here to bring you into a world of luxury like no other.

Here, it’s all about the heart and soul we put into every classic car. We’re not just fixing them up; we’re keeping them true to their glory days.

It’s about holding onto their original spark, making sure they keep turning heads and warming hearts on roads everywhere.

Choosing a classic car with us isn’t just a purchase; it’s a smart move into a world where your passion meets a wise investment. These cars aren’t just beautiful—they’re like time capsules, growing more precious as time goes by.

Join us at Squadra Lupo Import, where your love for classic cars becomes an adventure, a statement, and a savvy investment all rolled into one.

Let’s hit the road with style and stories waiting to be told.