December 28, 2022

Golden Years

Rock ballads, blue jeans, video games, walkmans and Miami Vice on TV. Colors, objects and fashions that predominated in any teenage room of the eighties. And if you liked speed, surely you had a car poster on the wall. In that decade of yuppies and excesses, the golden age of supercars began; there were different brands and models, but the hottest trio was made up of the sexiest European silhouettes: Porsche 959, Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari F40.

But if we are talking about fast cars, there is no doubt that the eighties were also marked by regulatory changes introduced by the International Automobile Federation that allowed brands to create special homologations in small series so that they could compete in Tourism or Rally or so that they could improve their existing versions. Suddenly, the supercars saw their reign in the preferences of the petrolheads threatened.

Therefore, if a manufacturer decided to compete in Group B, they only had to build a minimum of two hundred and twenty cars: two hundred street units to homologate it and twenty to race. The only regulatory limit was imposed ¡by the budget! So if you had a blank checkbook and an excellent group of engineers, your chances of success were pretty much guaranteed.

The same happened in the main categories of Tourism. Did you sell 5000 of that touring sedan? Well, now you can bring it to the circuit and compete. Do you need more power and more speed? No problem: you can make and sell 500 special cars with wings, bigger turbos and lightened bodies to homologate the special parts.

Everything was so fast, so vertiginous, that many of us did not have time to realize that we were witnessing a unique and unrepeatable moment in motorsports and in the automotive industry. The battle on the circuits and in the rallies became so intense that the special homologations became more and more exciting and aggressive, and their silhouettes began to earn their place on our room´s walls… and in our hearts.

The good old days of Group B and the DTM may not be back, but at least we still have a chance to relive the glory days by buying and driving some of the most exciting special homologations ever made: RS200, Delta Integrale EVO, M3, 205 Turbo16, Sierra RS500 and Mercedes 190 EVO II, among others.

There are no doubts: it´s time to dust off old dreams, look for that model or version that used to drive us crazy when we were children and transform that wall poster into the car that completes our garage. We are lucky to be able to own one of these jewels on wheels, drive it every day and preserve its history forever. And also, for knowing that at Squadra Lupo Import you can find your youngtimer with the highest level of care and originality. Could there be something better?


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